Retro sneakers

You sure know the feeling when you show the grown-ups in your family your new sneakers, and they reply that something like that was already worn when they were younger. And they're not wrong because retro styles are making a comeback. And if anything, they're coming back in full force. Whether you're a fan of the fashion of the 90s or the 80s or even older, you will find your retro sneakers at Footshop.We've gotten to the point where we're often more interested in history than the future because what’s retro is basically current. In the fashion world, and in the sneaker one especially. The signature cult silhouettes of sportsmen (and basketball players in the front) are becoming more accessible, we know more about trends from the days of our parents' thanks to the internet, and we take inspiration from the heroes of the past. And we can't forget the ubiquitous wave of nostalgy all around us too.Retro shoes are more popular than ever before. Check out the wide selection and find the exact retro pair you're looking for. Good luck!

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