Winter shoes and boots

Why winter boots? Because there's nothing worse than walking in soaked socks all day - moreover when it's freezing cold outside. Forget the general stigma that women's winter boots lack style. The ones you'll find at Footshop combine quality and comfort with the influences of current trends.What ideally represents women's winter shoes for us are waterproof boots with a high-quality sole. A good example are Timberland boots - winter shoes that you will find on the streets throughout the whole year. But what about sneakers?Winter boots vs. winter sneakersWomen's sneakers for the winter can be a hit or miss. It all depends on the material of the upper. If it is waterproof and the shoes have a good-quality sole, then you can get away with just thick socks. For safety and warm feet in all conditions though, get a pair of proper winter boots.In addition to the above-mentioned Timberland boots, you can also get special winter pieces from Nike, adidas, Vans, Puma, or Converse from Footshop. We took care of the style and functionality, now it's just up to you. Which ones will you get?

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