Fila, one of the largest sportswear and footwear brands, was founded in Italy in 1911. The Fila brothers opened a women's and men's underwear store to sell to locals. Later, they opened a textile factory and expanded worldwide. Today their innovative shoes are the brand's most popular product but make sure to explore the whole offer - Fila sneakers are available in white, black, or red colorways at Footshop.From the Alps to the Far EastThe Fila brand was founded in Italy in 1911. But had you asked about Fila sneakers at that time, you would probably not have much success. As we've mentioned before, the Fila brothers founded the brand in their hometown of Biella, surrounded by the Italian Alps. Therefore, Fila focused primarily on ensuring that the inhabitants of the mountain environment do not freeze in winter instead of shoes. If we move a few decades ahead, we find Fila in a completely different position. Instead of mountaineers from Italy, its products are worn by athletes from all over the world, especially by tennis players. Fila's success today has a lot to do with the legendary tennis player Björn Borg, who wore Fila on the courts for his greatest matches.Global brand and globally successful sneakersAs the success of Fila shoes grew and the brand itself became more global, changes took place. Today, the company no longer resides in its home country and has moved east to Korea. To some extent, this step has enriched the Fila sneakers. Since their move, Fila sneakers have very quickly and successfully found their place in streetwear. Mainly thanks to the "bulky shoe" trend, which is why the white women's Fila Disruptor sneakers are considered one of the biggest successes of the brand in recent years.However, Fila's clothes and shoes remained true to the purpose that popularized them, namely sports. It just shows how versatile the brand is today. Whether you are a fan of sports, fashion, or a sneakerhead, you will find something for yourself in its selection. Don't forget to check out other Fila sneakers, not just the Disruptor silhouette at Footshop. We have plenty to choose from, and thanks to sales you can also get them for a great price. So pick your pair of Fila sneakers, available even in pink!

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